Thursday, October 6, 2011


Its not uncommon to find people among us who have suffered at the hands of the mediclaim insurers during claim settlement. There are numerous instances where claim is rejected by the health insurance company on technical/material grounds.  This defeats the basis purpose of getting help when needed. So, what can you do to avoid this? Try these steps :- 
1. Check Fine Print for Expense Coverage - The mediclaim polices generally list down the limit of expenditure that is allowed to reimbursed under room rent/ambulance hire charges etc. This  limit varies between policies of various companies and hence before you get yourself admitted to any hospital , it is always advisable to check the expense limit allowed as per your mediclaim .Any extra expenditure done on account of thee heads is generally borne by the patient himself/herself.
 2. Check for exclusion in Diseases - You must also check the number and nature of diseases covered under your mediclaim before you buy it. For example, lot of policies in India dont cover Diabetes at all . This is a major exclusion since Diabetes is very common among Indians and by excluding it the insurer is playing safe. You must select the policy which provides coverage for maximum number of diseases especially the  critical one like Diabetes, Heart related, Kidney Related, cancer related etc. 
3. Time Period Before Coverage of Preexisting Disease- Most of the mediclaim policies in India, have a waiting period of anywhere between 1 to 4 years before they cover preexisting diseases.Any claim made for the preexisting disease during the waiting period is likely to be rejected.Hence go for the plan which has least waiting period. 
4. Plastic Surgery , Cataract, Dental Care and Piles Not Covered - Most of the mediclaim policies in India DONOT cover Dental Care, Piles, Cataract etc . Even Plastic Surgery is considered to be part of cosmetic surgery and as such is seldom covered under mediclaim. .
 5. OPD Not Covered - Any claim that you may have on account of expenses towards medicines /Doctor consultancy Charges etc during OPD care is not covered by most of the mediclaim plan in India. 
6. Disclose all Material Info - To avoid rejection of any claim made by you which is normally covered under the plan, it is also important for you to have disclosed all material information to the insurer while applying/buying the cover. If the firm finds out that you have willingly suppressed an information which is material in nature, then they are well withing their rights to reject the claim. So be truthful and disclose all the relevant (good and bad) information. It might increase your premium but will ensure that your claim is not rejected when you need the assistance the most.
 7. 24 Hr Hospitalization -  One needs to be hospitalised for a minimum of 24 hours before your claim is eligible for reimbursement/payment by the insurer. Only exception is Chemotherapy,radiation treatment done in Cancer where 24 hr hospitalisation isnt mandatory.
 8. Submit your Claim ASAP - Any claim submitted beyond the stipulated timeframe by the insurer might lead to its rejection . It is advisable to submit claims within 7 days of getting discharged from the hospital.   

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