Thursday, April 16, 2009

THE RICHER YOU GET THE LESSER YOU PAY has come up with details of the money made by all the hollywood stars last year. Along with their incomes , it also compares the spending of the stars vis a vis a common man making just $30000 p.a. For example , its states that Brad Pitt Makes $25,000,000 a year and for him to buy a house of $275,000 it will feel like spending just $330. Now imagine,if for you and me buying a house meant just spending $330 (Rs 16500 approx) how many of us would have thought twice before buying house opposite Mannat ( Shahrukh's palace ,for the uninitiated). This explains why celebrities splurge on mansions.

Similarly, extending this to purchase of laptops, for a common man in US, laptops cost $2000 , but, if Brad Pitt were to buy the laptop , he would feel like he paid just $2.4. Now if we get laptops for that much , I will buy 5 at least.

This is the beauty of being rich. It does wonderful things to your spending power.Looking at this , I am reminded of the saying that rich get richer and poor get poorer.

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