Thursday, May 7, 2009


Outlook money -Morningstar ratings have come up with names of mutual funds which has been stellar performer in the last 12 months. This is critical, considering last 12 months have been amongst the worst 12 months for stock markets in a long long time. The markets lost almost 60% of its wealth at its Oct lows before regaining some ground in April 09. So lets look at the best mutual funds in the year gone by, as per Outlook Money- Morningstar ratings.


1.Equity - Large Cap -DSP BlackRock Top 100 (DBT100)-It returned 64 per cent against 57 per cent by the category in a raging bull market in 2007, it fell by just 45.5 per cent against 53 per cent by the category, in 2008.

2.Equity—Mid- and Small-Cap. DSP BlackRock Equity (DBRE) tops.

3.Equity-linked Savings Schemes (ELSS). -Sundaram BNP Taxsaver.


1. Equity—Conservative Allocation.-UTI Mahila Unit (UMU)

2. Equity—Moderate Allocation.-ICICI Prudential Child Care-Study (IPCCS)


1. Bond—Medium-Term-Canara Robeco Income (CRI) and Canara Robeco Gilt PGS

2.Bond—Long-Term-IDFC Dynamic Bond (IDB)

3.Bond—Short-Term-JM Short Term

D. LIQUID- LIC MF Liquid’s (LML)
So, depending on your risk appetite and investment horizon (equity - riskier while debt is safest) you will do good to have a look at these mutual funds for your investment, as they have been category toppers in difficult times. However, the standard disclaimer is that mutual fund's past performance, that too only of 1 year is not a good enough indicator of its future performance. You may also check the shortlisted fund's 5 year performance and performance since inception as well. The same cane be checked at morningstar website or


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