Sunday, May 24, 2009


What if someone told you that this "recession and slowdown" that the whole world is reeling today from is a deliberate and man made creation? What if someone told you that this was deliberately created by US government to achieve their sinister goal? You would not believe it. But, this is exactly what this video says that.
It explains how the policies of the US Fed of artificially lowering the interest rates led to an artificial boom in the commodities and housing sector which ultimately resulted in a collapse. The video further explains " they create the problem and then offer us solution...which gives them unlimited power , capital and control.."
It argues that US and UK want a unipolar world with a single global currency. And the fact that Obama is already talking about a "New World Order" is a clear pointer towards that.World famous trend forecaster Gerald Celente also says that this depression will be worst in the history of US and will result in mass protests , tax revolts etc in 2012.And revolts have already started and 2012 is good 3 years away.
Check out this video . Its a must watch, even if you do not agree with what is said here.

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  1. Intersting viewpoint, but as in any crisis there are lot's of theories and it is only many years later that we know the true underlying causes of any substansive change.