Friday, May 29, 2009


ICICI Bank has launched an electronic card in association with mcheck, a mobile payment solution provider. This card is aimed at helping people carry out transactions like bill payment etc from their mobile phones. This card will enable the user to make payments from mobile phones.

The ICICI bank customers can use this card to make payments for bills, money transfer, buy movie tickets , airline tickets etc. This will be another step in making banking an easy and enjoyable experience.

Given the popularity and reach of mobile phones in India, it is expected that mobile phones will be used as a medium to deliver entertainment, banking services and news to the user in near future. The launch of 3G services is expected to kick start the process. 3G will set the ball rolling and we will see a new revolution of sorts in the way mobile phones are used in India currently.Most of the services required for daily use will be migrated to mobile .

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