Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After stunning the whole world with the launch of ultra low cost passenger car "Nano" , TATA group is out to bring about a revolution in the field of housing in India. TATA group has launched a new low cost housing project in Boisar near Mumbai where the the company will build 1000 low cost flats. The flats will be of one room kitchen,large one room kitchen and 1 BHK sizes. The clincher in this project like the Nano car project will be its price tag. The prices of these flats would range from Rs 3.9 Lakhs to 6.7 lakhs only.
This kind of price range for housing in India was unheard of till now and as such this might bring about a revolution in low cost housing in India. The company will also build similar projects in Delhi and Bangalore.
The bookings for this can be done from State Bank of India branches , like Nano car bookings. Also the booking amount is kept at Rs 10000 only. This project is aimed at meeting the housing demands of lower income group who did not have much of an option till now.
Many developers have been claiming of coming up with low cost housing projects, but, nothing which has come till now has been "low cost". Off course TATA 's have corrected this.

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