Monday, July 20, 2009


These are good times for rich people. People who are affluent have many advantages and privileges in general life. An addition to their long list of privileges is the availability of term insurance at a much cheaper rate.

The term insurance premiums have seen drastic reduction recently for life cover of RS 1 cr and above. Even term plans having life cover of Rs 25 lakhs and above also have seen quite a large reduction in the premiums. This large scale reduction in the premiums is attributed to the following reasons:-

1. Better mortality rates - The recent experience has shown that the mortality rate isn't as bad as is shown in the mortality chart currently being used. And as such the premiums have come down owing to this.

2. Access to better health care and lifestyle - Rich and HNIs have greater access to health care and quality lifestyle which also plays a role in increasing the life span of the person. This in turn means lesser claims on insurance companies pushing the overall premiums down.

3. Wider coverage - Since insurance primarily is based on the concept of "risk sharing" with increase in the number of people under insurance cover , the premiums to be paid to make the whole exercise viable, also comes down. With more and more people getting in the insurance ambit in India, it is expected that insurance premiums might see some more downward movement going forward.

Today, one can avail of a LIC term policy with a sum assured of Rs 1cr for an annual premium of nearly Rs 25,700-32 ,000. But unlike LIC whose rates are available to most buyers, Birla Sun Life has stringent underwriting norms and the rates are available to only those in the best of health.Term insurance is a cover where the only benefit is a payment if the insured dies during the term of the policy is the most basic form of life insurance. The cover is now almost a commodity with web-based aggregators offering quotes from all insurance for term protection.


  1. It makes sense I suppose, we can expect those with access to better healthcare nutrition et al would tend to be penalised less by life insurance providers when getting Term Life Insurance Quotes!

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